Serving your needs better

Are you interested in a better quality assembly work and lower costs? Do you think better project handling would mean less hassle time in your production? Do you realize that Just-In-Time delivery would further help you to decrease your production costs? Are you running a smaller quantity of production but still would like to get the highest quality work from a professional manufacturer?

If any of these questions are answered "Yes", that means Silveria can offer something to you.

Silveria is a proven company that can contract to a consistent quality at a moderate price in any of your PCB assembly, SMT manufacturing or cable confectioning processes. Box level assembly, product finishing, electronic equipment buildings are all managed at a superior quality and flexibility by Silveria.

Deep analysis of your production process and thorough discussion on the possible issues to further develop your product and reduce costs is our key to serve your needs at the highest level. No matter if you do a New Product Introduction (NPI) project or you are active in Volume Production, Silveria handles all its clients with the same professional and personal treatment.

All our efforts, skills and technological investments help us to become

your precision manufacturing line.

Special services

Selective wave soldering

Our company was among the first ones to introduce the technology of wave soldering to make manual processes of soldering unnecessary.

BGA mounting

The applied mounting precision of 35μm and the air-conditioned area of work make it possible to mount BGA parts properly and precisely.

A few stories of success

One of our customer's products was already being manufactured with their selected material, when unexpected problems occurred. Scratches were building up too quickly on the LCD block's surface due to poor material choosing.

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